“Paul Embery is one of the most interesting, insightful and original voices to have emerged in British journalism for some time” — Douglas Murray, Spectator columnist, author of The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

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What’s it all about?

Was there ever a time when the British establishment was so disconnected from the working class? Has the Labour party forfeited the support of its traditional base for ever? Why did these ruptures occur? What caused Brexit? Does globalisation sound the death knell for the nation state and national democracy? Why did the Left fall in love with open borders? Why has the ‘diversity’ agenda proved so divisive? Must Britain resign itself to permanent economic and industrial decline? Will we see an upsurge in populist forces as a reaction to all these things? With age-old social and cultural norms being overturned at a rapid rate, who will speak for the millions of Britons left bewildered and disorientated by it all?

For the past decade or more, I have been trying to get to grips with these questions. And this, my Substack newsletter, will be an attempt to bring my ideas and opinions directly to you. By subscribing, you will be ensuring that you receive my content straight to your inbox.


I am a firefighter, trade union activist, writer and broadcaster.

I have been a member of the Labour party since 1994 and active in the wider labour movement for most of my adult life. I have served on the executive council of the Fire Brigades Union and as the national organiser of Trade Unionists Against the EU.

I have written extensively about working-class politics and culture, including for UnHerd, The Huffington Post, The Spectator, Spiked and Compact. In 2020, my first book – Despised: why the modern Left loathes the working class – was published by Polity.

I am a regular ‘talking head’ on GB News and have appeared across several other broadcast media platforms, including on Sky News Press Preview, BBC TV’s Politics Live and Radio 4’s Any Questions?

What they say

“Paul Embery is a gifted writer with political vision and great courage” — Labour peer Maurice Glasman

“He will force you to think outside your usual political grooves” — Wall Street Journal

“A leading force in the emerging left-conservative movement” — Eric Kaufmann, professor of politics at Birkbeck, University of London, author of Whiteshift

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Scribblings on working-class politics and culture by a (proudly anti-woke) socialist and trade unionist


Firefighter | Trade Unionist | Writer | Broadcaster